Plant Based Balance Toner Vitamin Spray


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Beauty promises that come true.

DNeed to reduce the effects of stress on your skin?

Looking to diminish fine lines and sagging skin starting today?

Want to enrich your skin with a healthy plant-based formula that works?


Wish to avoid plastic surgery for as long as possible?

Would you like a refreshing cascade of vitamins for your face, neck and back?

Like to see a healthy glowing complexion in just four weeks?

The skin care that makes you more radiant.


Absolutely better.

It’s the science-based way to energize your cells for luminous skin tone and hydration..


Insanely good for you.

Holistically designed so that your beauty as well as every part of your body benefits.

Totally worth it.

Double your beauty benefits by combining it with our NutraChic supplement for beauty inside and out.

dectoxtor cleaner

Naturally Preserved. Vegan.
Cruelty-free & Gluten-free.

Here is what a revolutionary FortiSomes infused, clean beauty balancing toner can do for you: It doubles as an instant moisture boost spritz.

FortiSomes encapsulate the carotenoids, vitamins C andSuper Vitamin E to revitalize tired skin and help protect it from free radical damage.

Organic aloe vera revitalizes and apple cider vinegar helps balance the pH of skin. Organic extracts of licorice, marshmallow and red clover herbs soothe and tone.

Directions: Use it after washing and to set make-up.


Studies have shown:

Super Vitamin E offers important skin protection from UV light.

When the skin is exposed to prolonged UV light of over 20 minutes needed to produce Vitamin D, it can become inflamed,dehydrated, deformed, wrinkled and have decreased gene expression and immune response. It becomes susceptible tocollagen breakdown,cancer, pigmentation and sagging.

"The unique distribution of tocotrienols in skin may confer superior protection against oxidative stress caused by the environment…Being a more potent antioxidant, it is the skin's first line defense"2